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ARgon for Email

ARgon uses unique Adaptive Redaction technology from Clearswift and tackles the problems caused by traditional Data Loss Prevention (DLP) solutions by automatically removing only the content which breaks policy and then sending the rest of the email and attachments onwards. This enables continuous collaboration, safe in the knowledge that critical information is protected.
DLP effectiveness is determined by the accuracy and the workflow of the product. Many DLP solutions are purchased and never deployed because they are too hard to configure or they generate too many false positives, resulting in increased operational overheads and decreased productivity through disrupted communications.

ARgon can be used in environments with no DLP solution or to augment an existing one. In both cases, ARgon removes next generation information threats from both inbound and outbound email. For those with an existing DLP solution, ARgon reduces the false positives by automatically removing the content which would cause the DLP solution to ‘stop & block’ the communication.

    There are three key features within Adaptive Redaction that ARgon for Email utilises are:

  • Data Redaction: Removes visible content that breaks policy from email and attachments.
  • Document Sanitisation: Removes document meta-data, revision history, etc.
  • Structural Sanitisation: Removes active content embedded in received documents.


ARgon is deployed between the email hygiene (and/or DLP) service and the internal email server.
ARgon internal email server image

  • ARgon for Email uses standard SMTP messaging technology to enable compatibility with any email gateway solution.
  • The email gateway service can be provided by any vendor and located on-premise or hosted.
  • The email server can be Exchange, Lotus Notes, Domino, or Groupwise.
  • Proof of Value trials can use either ‘Side Car’ or ‘In Series’ deployments.


There are three key features within Adaptive Redaction that ARgon for Email utilises are:

  • IT personnel – to focus on harmful viruses and malware;
  • Business/audit personnel to focus on sensitive content violations.


Argon for Email comes with default policies to enable risk reduction immediately after installation. These default policies can then be further enhanced, if higher levels of granularity or compliance are required.

Adaptive Redaction Feature Default Policy
Data Redaction Remove PII and PCI from all outgoing email and documents
Document Sanitisation Remove all document properties, revision history and fast save information
Structural Sanitisation Remove all active content from incoming and outgoing documents

Authorised Release

In the case where information has been removed by Adaptive Redaction in order to prevent a policy being breached, but the information is actually required to be sent, a simple click on a link in an email to the senders’ manager (or an authorised administrator, compliance officer etc.) can be enacted. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory or an LDAP service enables the solution to understand the organisational relationships to make this happen.


A number of standard reports ship with the ARgon solution. These can be used to report on the number of emails and attachments which have had the policy applied. They can also be used in monitor mode, when no policy action is taken, to show the number of communications which would have been affected. This is typically done when the system is in trial or first deployed as part of employee education.

Feature Benefit
Delivered either as software, virtual appliance or a physical appliance Software and appliance can be deployed in minutes – no need for weeks of intrusive services implementation.
Hygiene service agnostic Based on SMTP messages, ARgon works seamlessly with products from Cisco, McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, Microsoft and many others
Simple 5 step installation wizard – install and configure using default policies in minutes. Industry-leading simplicity of purchase, implementation and administration support delivers minimal Total Cost of Ownership. Company’s IP is protected and organisation is able to comply with legislation quickly.
Mail server independent – Supports Exchange, GroupWise, Lotus Notes, SMTP, POP Minimal disruption to the current operating environment whilst maintaining the customers decision to choose the most applicable email security solution for their evolving concerns
Key Technical Features Benefit
Encryption Uses standard SMTP and supports TLS for encryption
Text Redaction Redaction of text is supported on email message bodies
(text and html), MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007+,
Open Office Writer, Calc and Impress and PDF files
Document Sanitisation Document Sanitisation is supported on MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007+, Open Office Writer, Calc and Impress and PDF files
Structural Sanitisation Structural Sanitisation is supported on HTML email message bodies, MS Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007+, Open Office Writer, Calc and Impress and PDF files

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