Flexible Policy

Policy dictates how staff should, can and do use email and the latest web technologies to communicate and collaborate. However research shows that companies don’t want policy to limit their ability to operate in modern business. It is vital, therefore, that policy can be both applied quickly, and managed easily and effectively.

Clearswift’s products employ a single flexible policy engine that draws on a single, shared set of rules. This unified approach to information security means that policy need be set only once. As well as easing deployment and significantly reducing the administration burden, Clearswift’s shared policy engine ensures consistency: the same rules are applied to all electronic communications channels, from email to the newest Web 2.0 social-media tools and services.

Of course, as well as being easy to apply and manage, policy needs to be flexible. The policy engine shared by Clearswift SECURE Web and Email Gateway products, not to mention MIMEsweeper for SMTP, includes numerous ready-made rules that can be applied immediately. As well, rules can be tailored right down to employee level and it’s even possible to enable time quotas and usage rules for particular websites and services. This allows specific departments and individuals the freedom to communicate in precisely the way they need, while maintaining the administrative simplicity afforded by Clearswift’s shared policy engine


Factor in powerful reporting tools to help manage resources and shape policy and you can see why Clearswift’s approach to flexible policy is the preferred choice for organisations ranging from small retailers to the largest government departments.


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