Manufacturing and Construction

“MIMEsweeper is easy to manage and maintain; the spam filter is scalable and we appreciate the LDAP integration. All in all Clearswift offers a good cost/performance ratio.”
Tobias Blaslbauer, RAMPF
In today’s global economy the supply chain is fragmented across continents. Component manufacturers, partners, distributors and customers are separated by oceans, time zones and cultures. Safe and effective web and email communications are required for effective collaboration.
Clearswift customers rely on Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway to keep their email traffic free from bandwidth-sapping and time-consuming spam, malware and viruses and to ensure that sensitive data does not leak outside of the organisation. Clearswift SECURE Web Gateways maintain the same levels of protection when sharing and collaborating online.
Protecting intellectual property (IP) is a fundamental benefit of installing Clearswift solutions for manufacturing and construction. Clearswift enables organisations to know where their IP is, who is working on it, and – crucially – stops it going to the wrong place.
Clearswift customers can concentrate on creating the future.