Built on MIMEsweeper, Clearswift’s celebrated content-inspection and filtering technology, the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a highly effective and resilient email gateway for 50 to 50, 000+ users.

Modern business simply couldn’t function without email. However, both incoming and outgoing messages can pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. It is therefore vital that an organisation’s email gateway is able to mitigate spam,Gateway Introduction Videos neutralise viruses and prevent data leaks without hindering the free flow of messages.

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway is a trusted email gateway security solution that gets the balance right.

With the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway installed, your organisation can be confident that it is protected from digital threats and data leaks while employees communicate freely by email.

Clearswift SECURE E-mail Gateway Capabilities

Inbound Threat Protection
From viruses to malware, in-and-outbound threat protection keeps your inbox free from malicious emails and spam.

Spam Protection
With SpamLogic – our multi-engine detection system – we can detect at least 99.5% of spam before it reaches your network.

Content Inspection
Deep content inspection, allows you to monitor and control how data flows in your

Policy Controls
With flexible policy controls, Clearswift’s SECURE Email Gateway gives you complete, bi-directional control over your organisation’s email.

Automatically encrypt emails, securing any information that passes internally and externally, in and around your organisation.

Management & Reporting
Manage and report the critical tasks and information that keep your organisation running smoothly.

Personal Message Manager
With the Personal Message Manager our SECURE Email Gateway can delegate spam identification to users, reducing workloads and improving productivity. Also available as an iPhone app.

Flexible Deployment Options
Pre-installed hardware appliances, virtualised gateways for VMWare or software (ISO) images for installation on your own hardware.

Technical Specification
The technical specification of the pre-installed hardware option of the Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway – available in multiple server models.

SECURE Email Gateway Web Interface

The Clearswift SECURE Email Gateway Web Interface allows an administrator to gain control of how email usage is controlled and managed within their organisation from easily configured policy controls, to a highly customisable reporting section – it gives power back to your organisation.