Inbound Threats

When the term ‘inbound threats’ comes up in conversation, thoughts on the topic may at times extend no further than combating virus infection from email attachments.

However, there’s more – much more – that needs to be factored in before your company is properly protected from incoming dangers. Large volumes of incoming spam, for example, can quickly bring company servers to a halt. That’s why Clearswift can proudly boast that TRUSTmanager and SpamLogic technologies can successfully identify and filter almost all spam – far north of 99% at the last count. Moreover, cloud servers are referenced in real time to block the addresses of known spammers so that they are stopped at the gateway, ensuring that local processing time is not wasted.
Problems may also be caused by non-malicious but frivolous files entering your organisation. A supposedly humorous video or joke email innocently received and forwarded by just one employee, for instance, could quickly add up to hundreds of hours of lost productivity, as others pass it on – such is the viral nature of these things. Again, Clearswift’s content-aware inspection technology will weed out offending content at the gateway, before any damage is done.
Finally, the risk posed by externally hosted content should not be overlooked. Though the contentious information may originate from outside your organisation, allowing employees to view offensive, immoral or even illegal material could leave your organisation open to prosecution.
For more information on how Clearswift deals with undesirable content, not to mention all other inbound threats, download our free 10-step guides to better web and email security.

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