While hardware servers may fail and need replacing, a capable virtual device need never be out of service. Virtualisation market-leader VMWare has calculated that companies adopting the technology enjoy 16-fold server-efficiency increases. That’s why today’s largest data centres simply could not function without virtualisation.

But this powerful technology needn’t remain the preserve of industry giants. The virtual editions of Clearswift’s SECURE Web Gateway and SECURE Email Gateway mean that organisations of any size can enjoy the many benefits of virtualisation. Though deployed onto hardware, virtual devices are not tied to a particular physical server. When circumstances demand, our virtual SECURE Web and Email Gateways can be instantly “hot migrated’ to another hardware device in your organisation. Disaster recovery becomes as simple as flicking a virtual switch end users wouldn’t even notice.
By the same token, multiple virtual Clearswift SECURE Web and Email Gateways can be installed per hardware server potentially realising huge savings on capital expenditure. VMWare estimates that organisations can expect to save more than US$3,000 for each virtualised server installed in place of a physical device.
As well as the hardware economies, going virtual saves money on administration, running costs, storage space and maintenance. The VMWare research, for example, shows that virtualisation can bring hardware footprint reductions of 90% (or even more in some circumstances).
So, when you add it all up, the virtual editions of Clearswift SECURE Web and Email Gateways offer much more for much less. To learn more, download our free virtualisation advantage guide linked below.

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